Vector Drive

An Evolution in Drive Pedals

Vector Drive. Overdrive, Distortion and Fuzz in one effects pedal.

Combine the feel of boutique analog overdrive, distortion and fuzz pedals with the pristine signal quality of modern digital effects. Enormous flexibility and in-depth UI. Handmade in the heart of Newcastle, the Vector Drive is Z² DSP’s debut guitar effects pedal.

Modern Digital Quality

‘Shape’ Adjustment

Experts in Signal Processing
Analog Inspiration,
Digital Execution
Z² Pedals are designed by expert engineers with a passion for innovative technology. The Vector Drive uses a modern high quality digital audio architecture, ensuring your tone is full of life and character. A quick, easy way to find the perfect tone to match your rig and style. Use this knob to tap into vast swathes of fuzz, take extra control over your mids with a width control, or use a 4th EQ control for the upper-mids.

Boost Mode

3 Band Tone Stack

Highlight Your Tone
Adjustable Mid
When the timing is crucial on stage, cut through the mix without knob-twiddling. ‘Boost’ adds the perfect level of extra volume and gain, making your guitar roar at the stomp of a button. Sculpt the perfect tone from your gain stage using the parametric EQ. Adjust the frequency of the mids to suit your own personal tastes and genre.





Fuzz Asymmetry

Fuzz circuits have a character which sets their tone apart from overdrive and distortion, and is the epicenter of decades of DIY inspiration and experimentation for guitar enthusiasts.

The allure and mystery of why Fuzz pedals sound so great can be found at the heart of the ‘Shape’ knob’s standard mode. Turning the knob modifies the non-linearity in the clipping algorithm, giving you control over the unique input bias properties of fuzz pedals which vertically shifts the waveform, creating the spectrum of fuzz noises you know and love.

Unlike an analog pedal where you’re locked into the characteristics of one set of transistors or clipping diodes, the Vector Drive lets you dial in the level of fuzz which sounds perfect to your ears. Use ‘Shape’ to add a touch of warmth and harmonic complexity to your overdrive, or turn it up and get everything from a creamy vintage fuzz tone to a modern maxed out psychedelic fuzz.

Fuzz is controlled by the Vector Drive's Shape knob

Clean Mix

When you’re looking for smooth lightly-overdriven tones, cross the line from good to great by mixing your dry clean signal back into the wet output. Use the Clean Mix mode to dial in just the right amount of your signal. Use the 3-Band EQ in this mode to modify the clean tone which gets mixed in. Your pure clean sound and overdrive can go hand in hand for light, touch-sensitive overdrive.

Parametric Equaliser

The Vector Drive gives you the flexibility needed to dial in your ideal sound for any guitar or amp setup via a three band parametric tone stack. Since the mid frequencies are crucial for realizing a tone which feels at home with your guitar the Vector Drive features frequency adjustment on the mid EQ channel.

Cabinet Emulation

The authenticity of a playing through a guitar amp is influenced by the tonal response of speakers themselves. We’ve performed experiments, crafted the algorithms and laboured extensively to faithfully emulate the response of a speaker cabinet when the setting is enabled.

Plug directly into a PA, recording interface or play through headphones and get tones which roar like you were playing through an amplifier.

Z2 DSP Vector Drive Inputs


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