Vector Drive Guitar Pedal

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Optional Power Supply

The Vector Drive guitar pedal is like nothing you’ve seen before. A customisable digital gain stage seamlessly blending distortion, overdrive, and fuzz tones. Unleash your inspiration — create any tone you need.

With unique-in-class adjustable pre-distortion filters, noise gate, wet/dry mix, and our custom fuzz shape adjustment, the Vector Drive is a feature rich addition to your pedal collection.

Check out the product page for more information about features.


  • 18 parameters including:
    • 4 band parametric EQ
    • Flexible fuzz wave-shaping
    • Boost switch
    • Noise gate
    • Adjustable input high/low cut filters
    • Wet/Dry mix with independent 3 band dry EQ
    • Cab emulation
  • High SNR 24-bit audio codec
  • 168MHz 32-bit CPU

Demo Videos

What’s in the Box?

The Vector Drive ships with:

  • The Vector Drive pedal
  • 2x Z Squared guitar picks
  • 4x Velcro™ dots
  • 4x Sticky rubber feet
  • Quickstart Guide
  • Warranty Card


Quickstart Guide PDF: How to get the most out of your Vector Drive with the advanced tuning parameters.

Power Supply

The Vector Drive requires 9V, 200mA, from a centre negative 2.1mm DC barrel connector (a very common guitar pedal standard).